Seven going on 17. Lol ..

Fresh out the shower and his favorite movie picked he comes in my room “mom you forgot my hot chocolate!” Lol. Nah naah little brotha WE forgot. (It’s bed time so he tryna be slick) 😄 I have a peeve about giving kids liquid before its close to be time. And pee before you go to sleep just to be sure. And that’s with all kids!


I make sure I tell him how handsome he is everyday and every night. I make sure I tell him I love him multiple times a day. I kiss him and I will for as long as he lets me. I validate him. I make sure he knows how special he is. I know that this will be important for him. To be a leader. To be confident. I need to make sure he knows he has that in him now, so that as he grows he can exercise it, strengthen it.

I make sure I don’t let him grow up too fast but as a single mother, he’s my little man. Essentially he’s “the man of the house.” His draws are the only ones lying around and he leaves piss on the toilet seat. So I give him responsibilities too, 7 year old responsibilities of course.

The balance of being a loving nurturing mom and being the tough mom at the same time is hat I try to balance pretty evenly. That’s my baby and i make sure I cuddle with him and call him bunny and sweet face lol but he also knows I don’t take no shit. I don’t beat my child. But since a very young age I’ve instilled a certain not fear of moms wrath but a great respect. I refused to be that mom that has to watch her kid tell her to shut up in the middle of target and cry and scream at the top of their lungs because they can’t have something. Absolutely not I will snatch yo ass up quick in true black mama form lmao. Train a child up in the way they should go and when they grow old they won’t turn from it…I know it goes something like that. I don’t worry about any of that though. Antonio is so well mannered. Spoiled and a beggin ass kid lol but he can have whatever he wants! Little monster.

He teaches me something new everyday. I learn more about life and parenting every day. Even though he’s only 7 now, one day he’ll be put into a position where he’s going to have to know who he is. He’s going to have to be sure about himself. Of the boy he is, or in later years, the man. I want him to know he is a King. I want him to know he is perfect in his own skin. I want him to know that he is smart. That he can become anything he chooses. That the universe is unlimited. I make sure I tell him to be positive and be grateful above all. To be great and to have a great day everyday! It all starts at home. With me. One day he will be 17 and we’ll be talking about sex…dreading the day…for now I’m satisfied talking about snacks.


He wasn’t really sleep. Lol.

I hope you smile ..

Dream big ..


The Modern Day Single Mother

Being a parent in 2014 is already difficult enough. The world we live in is a shit show. There is so much negative influence on us and our kids from reality tv, to the music they’re putting out, to social media, to the police brutality against our black men around the world that the mere thought of raising our sons and daughters here is frightening enough. Add being a single mother to this equation, of a beautiful young Black King, and now real life begins ..

On April 29, 2007 I gave birth to a big ass 9 pound 4.5 ounce, healthy baby boy. That’s when all, well most of my childish ways went out the window. The day my mom took us home, I sat in my room and looked at my new baby and at that very moment I knew I would give him the world. I knew I would never leave his side. I knew he would be my best friend. My ride or die. My everything. I never intended on being a single parent. I don’t think anyone does, I mean unless you actually go into a clinic and buy sperm. I’ve never felt sorry for myself either. There were times where I’ve regretted the decision I made, on the person I chose to conceive with, and felt like I failed my son, but those feelings never last. There isn’t any time in my day to feel bad over things I can’t change. I look at him and I know I’m doing the right things. I see his report card and I know we’re on the right track. His smile fills my spirit and doing all I can with all I am gives me comfort. I have an amazing family as well. Without them, I wouldn’t have made it.

Being a single mother builds character. It strengthens your soul. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m only speaking from my personal life experience. Some women come out of these situations broken. They raise broken children. I refused early on to be any more of a “statistic” than I already was. I see opportunity in all things and the biggest one I’ve discovered yet, being a single mother, is the opportunity to break a vicious cycle that is among us, for my future, and especially for my son’s future.

I felt a spirit speaking to me to write. About my life, because we all have a story. Growing up and finding my womanhood at the same time, because I will always be a woman first. Growing as a woman, sets the tone of the kind of mom I am. My trials and tribulations as a young black single mother.  About dating, because I still believe in Love, my parenting style, traveling, friendships, building a brand, the joys of motherhood,

The King.

The King.

and everything in between, from a real perspective, one I hope many can relate to.


I hope you smile…

King B.